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Beverly HillsBobby Boyd Sells Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills

Iconic for being a staple in the LA community, Beverly Hills is just like the song suggests–”that’s where [you] want to be!” From cherished destinations in dining and shopping and with world-class accommodations at every corner, this is the hottest spot in town. If you decide to call this area home you won’t regret it. Chances are, you’ll get more local meetings because everyone will want to come to you. Admittedly, my experience could make me a little bit biased.

If you want to throw the best parties on a Saturday night, the Hills are where you do it. If you are planning on being like me and entertaining in your own home, this is where you want to set up your life, because Beverly Hills will easily accommodate you.

Popular culture and TV may make Beverly Hills seem inaccessible. However, in actuality, it is extremely inviting, probably because of the navigability. Centrally located, it’s easy to get to anywhere you need to go in Los Angeles. Enjoy easy commutes to other local neighborhoods, the ocean, and just about anywhere else you need to go in a day. Unlike Bel Air, you won’t be landlocked here.

What’s the VIBE?

Picture a poolside party with a tremendous view as your backdrop to set the mood, and a gathering of cheerful friends all drinking wine and laughing after a rewarding workweek. If you are settling down here, you probably enjoy good food, good friends, and are well-travelled.

Generally speaking, this is where you move when you’ve made it in your profession. After all, you’re in good hands, 90210 is one of the most coveted zip codes on the planet. And you will never need to explain where you live to anybody, because anywhere you travel, people across the globe revere Beverly Hills.

With the best of the best at your disposal, you will also be receiving world class amenities. For instance, fire department response times are some of the fastest in the nation, due to the high cost of living that is associated with the neighborhood. Most of the deals done in this part of town are all cash deals, which epitomizes the culture that LA is known for.

The vibe is everything you’ve ever seen on the silver screen and so much more! This is the type of neighborhood where you spend tens of thousands of dollars on catering your next party. Gatsby lived in New York, but if Hollywood would have been more popular in the roaring twenties–Fitzgerald would have written about him throwing his outrageous parties hoping for Daisy to drop by in Beverly Hills instead of West Egg.


For all intents and purposes this area feels like the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Even if you aren’t looking for the shopping and dining experiences that Beverly Hills has to offer its residents, you can still find a quiet, secluded lot that has all of the world’s best amenities within reach. However, if living it up is your goal, you can also do that. A mix between family-focused and fun oriented, this is a great place to make your home. Your neighbors will be outstanding in their various fields and will likely be well-read, well-traveled, and well dressed–if not, at least your realtor will be!

As a general rule of thumb, Beverly Hills is a little sleepy at night, so plan accordingly. However, with many other nearby neighborhoods easily reachable this is a perfect place to lay your head at night.


Beautiful homes, accessible neighbors but with good, refined tastes, homes here are extraordinarily well-designed and priced accordingly. While they won’t be as expensive as homes in Bel Air, a starter home in Beverly Hills will command a price just north of $3 million.  This commands a certain type of exclusivity without pretension. Properties here will be equipped with the latest and greatest, and will make you the envy of the town.